When focuses on the mechanism to solve the issues

When we look at the word ‘peace’ in the dimension
of Liberalism. Peace is all about to share the same vision in order to build
the strong fundamental of the society in which focuses on the mechanism to
solve the issues in peaceful ways. Due to conflict of World War II, the United
Nation has adopted under the familiar objects of the Westphalia agreement to
maintain international peace and security regarding the sovereignty respect in
order to prevent future war. Peacebuilding aims to increase trust in the
society, how could we fully activate the peaceful society? As the International
development student perspective in the role of the worker in the Ministry of
Foreign Affairs, I would like to analyze on what the Ministry of Foreign
Affairs should be strategically investing their resources with the possible
profits of the peace culture in order to achieve the acceptance in the
international level.

Peace comes with the peaceful environment. To obtain the Sustain
Development Goal of 16, to promote just, peaceful and inclusive societies.  If the government aim to create the peace
culture means that we have to produce more peace builders, peacekeepers, and
peace activists. The peacebuilding process should come from the most
fundamental institute – the education. Education is the way to develop the
human resources. In other words, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs should invest
in the education for the youth because in the future the young generation is
the seed of what we use to design the future. 
The peace ideal would learn from many aspects such as the community
leader, the teacher, and the government regulation. According to from Policy
statement of the Council of Ministers, Thai government followed the foreign
policy; the government would enhance the opportunity to access the educational
loans along with integrating the civil society to participate in education
development. The regime needs all the sectors of society to support it.

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Peacebuilding is the mechanism leading to the future cooperation. Due
to the social capital theory examine the relationship in the community would
have a set of resources including trust, norms, and network that would generate
the strong community. The government could encourage bonding social through
public campaign cooperated with peace activists or local organization that
works in peacebuilding such as the Thailand Peace Network Foundation to create
volunteer in the local community. The United Network of Young Peacebuilders
(UNOY) is one of the international organization that works under The United
Nations Inter-Agency Network on Youth Development (IANYD) which the government
should address for the peacebuilding assistance. UNOY peace movement is to
generate more youth peace-builders through the training program. The program
would provide the youth to have capable communicating skills with local people
in the diversity of national, culture, and religion. The objective of the youth
empowerment as the actors is to lead to problem-solving analysis and to raise
their statement in the policy-making process of peace and security section in
national level. That is why the youth is another important factor to lead the
peacebuilding process the way of society which would be the optimize
consideration program for the government to cooperate for peace strengthen.

In conclusion, in order to obtain the peacebuilding process that
related with the SDGs of 16, the peace society based on the strong social
capital community which could lead to the educated peace activists. The
peacebuilding process implementation would effective with the cooperation of
the public, private sectors, civil society, and the place-based organization.
The ultimate goal would achieve by the government institution that provides
peacebuilding integration for the further peace culture to deliver the UN
acceptance to the country.