There than animals. It assumes that everyone has common

There are numerous flaws in logical behaviorism which is why it is
widely rejected. It has been dismissed by many scientists for denial
of the effects of consciousness. This theory put humans and animals on the same
cognitive processes. This is wrong because humans are more advanced and
knowledgeable than animals.  It assumes that everyone has common
behavioral patterns, so they are thinking the same. That would be
impossible. For instance, two people can both get in a car accident, but
have different responses. As mentioned
in the previous paragraph, people’s pain tolerance can be
different. They can go through different emotions or lie about how they feel.
There are people in the army companies who are taught to hide their
emotions. Behaviorism can’t account for all that, which
makes it invalid. Hilary Putnam offers adequate objection to
Behaviorism.  He states, imagine a society full of super Spartans
and they kept all their pain internal, not showing anything to
anyone. By doing so, they caused behaviorism to assume they don’t
have pain.   This undermines the behaviorist theory.1

Another reason it is rejected is
that it denies desires have an effect on a person’s behavior.
This is inaccurate because you analyze belief not in terms of
behavior, but in terms of behavior plus desire. For instance, a
person can be sick, but not show it.  A behaviorist would assume that
the person is perfectly healthy. With all the technology that has
developed, a behaviorism is automatically rejected because people can see
the importance of mental states. There are machines like MRI that
show how a person is going through mental pains. Also, there is a way
to estimate a person’s pain levels. The mental states have strong
effects on people and for a behaviorist to deny it is wrong. Mental
states influence an individual’s behavior and can cause individuals to lie
or tell the truth. Since mental states have that much control over people’s
behavior, how could it be not added to behaviorism. This theory focuses a
lot on figuring out other people’s minds from their behavior, but it does
not account how individuals know their own mental states. We don’t need to
look at our behavior to figure out our mood. Behaviorism seems
like an unfinished theory that could use improvement.  

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