The teachers to develop best strategies that can be

The book Student Depression by Marcel is an informative book. This book helps the educators to be more aware of the issues that affect children as they transform into adolescents. It helps the teachers to develop best strategies that can be used to deal with these depression issues. The author of this material recognizes that depression is a serious issue that affects the youths as they grow. With several years of teaching experience, the author brings in the best mechanisms to be employed to help the adolescents manage the depression problem cordially.The book has been structured in a format that helps the educator to analyze the situation progressively. The author of the first chapter the author defines the meaning of depression and differentiates clinical depression and psychological depression. According to the author, depression is misunderstood in most cases. It manifests itself differently hence making it difficult to recognize it quickly. The educators can identify depression in children in different ways. Some of these methods include aggression, irritability, headaches, lack of motivation, and sudden change of behavior. These details help the teacher to grasp a broad knowledge on depression instead of thinking that depression is only associated with sadness. The objective of the author is to illustrate that depression among children and adolescents does not possess similar symptoms as the adults, if the whole situation is misunderstood, it will result in misdiagnosis (Lebrun, 2007).    A specific criterion is used to recognize depression. The educator must be sensitive to the behavior of children, for instance, is a child has the depression expressed through withdrawal, might think that the educator does not understand him/her. Therefore the child fears showing the situation for fear of the outcome “I will be in more trouble” (Lebrun, 2007). The educator must advise the child to know that withdrawal from life is not the sound option. The author expresses the difficulties that educators and teachers should expect in recognition of depression. Children who are brought up by mother parent only experience higher levels of low as compared to the one with both parents. The author also talks about sexual orientation factors like gay and lesbian students may face regarding dealing with criticism from the other parties in the communication. Respective therapies and medications should be administered to the affected children so that they can be comfortable with their daily lives (Lebrun, 2007).Books Blackboards and Bullets by Marcel Lebrun     In this book, Lebrun talks about the safety of children in schools. The youths are not safe either in school or at home. There have been increased cases of bullying, shootings, teacher assaulting children and students fighting with each other. Almost every child has experienced or witnessed violence in school. This book tries to identify the real issues of determining the school shooters and the general tendency of shooting that is going on.     The author describes the factors that contribute to the increased cases of student shootings in school. He provides the strategies that can be used to control the devilish acts. One of the strategies is to empower educators to act on any misbehaving child accordingly. The other approach to control violence in schools is to introduce a curriculum that teaches on the disadvantages of violence and educating on positivity. Students who look more vulnerable to be violent should be taken care off through guidance and counseling.From the author, we can realize that some activities encourage violence in schools. Children have ventured into behaviors which they adopt form movies, video games and violent society in general. Since children emulate a lot from what they see, they end up practicing what the experience from the society in which they stay. Drug abuse among children and adolescents has also contributed a lot when it comes to mass shootings in schools (Lebrun, 2008). The children should be barred from drug use to control violence cases.In summary, the two books are very educative on how to raise the young generation. Marcel tries to educate the teachers and the parents on the importance of monitoring the behavior and the moral conduct of the children in schools. His advice the educators on how they can use to identify depression among children and how to control it. Also, Marcel tries to investigate the cause of the mass shooting and the shooters in schools.