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The future of the human-race awaits those who have the foresight to look into it. In India, the younger generation typically dreams of pursuing an MBA or becoming engineers or doctors – ambitions fueled by the belief that these ‘traditional’ career paths are a secure ingredient to success. However, neither of these options particularly seemed exciting to me, and I was committed to do something different from the norm. While working at Boston Analytics, I developed an interest in different applications of analytics and this inspired me to take a specialization course in Business Analytics.

I have always been a committed and a diligent student, right from my school days. This is how I secured admission in the most prestigious college in India for commerce and economics, Shri Ram College of Commerce, affiliated with the University of Delhi. I majored in Economics and through my hard work and dedication, I was fortunate enough to score a first division in my undergraduate study. I have received disciplined knowledge in the statistical methods for economics, linear algebra & calculus, introductory econometrics, and mathematical methods of economics.

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I have always believed that internships can help gain realistic learning experiences through work. Hence after my second year of study, I interned at NCAER (National Council of Applied Economic Research) in New Delhi. I was a part of a study that aimed at capturing the socioeconomic and demographic characteristics of Indian households, with a focus on income expenditure, savings and debt, and other aspects of household life in India.

Upon successful graduation and after rounds of rigorous interviews, I embarked upon the journey to test my potential and knowledge. I started working at KPMG Global Services, where I worked on numerous research projects, underwent various training and attended programs including, Intermediate Research Academy (IRA), Foundation Research Academy (FRA) and numerous database training. Eventually, I also got the chance to train others in the same. The research projects taught me how to storyboard the project single-handedly, organize my research using infographics, assess and evaluate abundance of information, and present only the relevant information to clients. Additionally, I was one of the very few people who got selected to represent my firm in the India-Japan Energy Forum 2015, which talked about clean technologies in the field of smart cities and communities. My 2-year robust stint at the Big Four firm along with my go-getter attitude allowed to make a vertical career progression to consulting. 

The knowledge of various domains that I had gathered throughout my life so far finally bore results when I started work at Boston Analytics. Kognetics – an investment analytics platform created by Boston Analytics – focuses on providing machine augmented intelligence to Private Equity, Corporate Development & Investment Banking professionals. Working closely with this robo-human hybrid business model made me realize that in the coming future, strategy consulting would change forever. Coming from a non-tech background, I was initially challenged with difficult concepts and obscure nomenclature used in the industry. However, I was later conferred with the responsibility of building and managing the Financial Technology (FinTech) sector data to be ingested in the product and in a year, I got promoted. My work drove me more and more towards this STEM-based course as it is an amalgamation of business, economics, computer science, engineering, and statistics.

My ambitious nature and a rich past work experience brought me to apply to the UT Dallas’ MSc program in Business Analytics. At UTD, graduates have the opportunity to choose from industry-specific tracks based on their background and interest. The university also gives out a variety of opportunities to students to connect with professionals and land their dream employment – which is extremely exciting. Some of the most reputed companies such as AIG, Amazon, American Airlines, HP, PayPal and Deloitte hire interns as well as full-time employees from UT Dallas. One of the most interesting aspects is that the university has many networking and volunteering events, competitions such as the Business Idea Competition, Copart DataThon, IAS Analytics Challenge Competition that will help students to engage and get an enriching exposure. The action-oriented learning environment of Naveen Jindal School of Management would help to sharpen my skills by interacting with professionals coming from a myriad of backgrounds. The inclusivity and diversity of the students and staff at the university would hone my communication skills and team management abilities, as I would be engaging with people from every corner of the world. UTD offers a correct blend of business and computational analysis techniques along with some of the most eminent professors to learn from.

After completing my Masters from UT Dallas, I aim to become an Analytics Manager or a Business Analyst and get involved in carving business strategies using effective data analysis, discerning relationships and correlations amongst disparate data and turning unstructured data into structured to work out on the best analytics solution to fit the client’s needs. In a few years, I see myself as a part of the new wave of business analytics by developing a new product to solve the numerous business problems prevailing today.