The my ability. Studying human geography will act as

The world is undergoing constant change and development
every day, due to the interactions between people and their communities.
Geographers have the ability to find the solutions to the world’s major
problems, whether they are about social deprivation and gender inequality, or
globalisation and global health. Human geography consists of a wide range of
topics, enabling them to integrate and relate to one another. It is
unquestionably vital that in order to solve the world’s dilemmas, we must be
prepared to analyse the situations thoroughly, as well as the consequences that
are a byproduct of it. I remain passionate and engrossed about delving into the
advanced study on how the world is shaped, in relation to the factors that
contribute towards it. By enhancing my geographical knowledge, I will be able
to challenge the forthcoming problems, such as pollution and overpopulation to the
best of my ability.


Studying human geography will act as a stepping stone for me,
as I would become nearer towards my goal to help find the solutions to the
worlds major problems, ultimately having a positive influence culturally,
socially and economically. Having a father who works as a Risk and Control
Manager at HSBC bank in the city of London, I have been fortunate enough to
visit the office and the city on several occasions, with the intention to
explore and assess the key attributes to a successful environment.

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I have perpetually been fascinated by how the worlds leading
banks and businesses have contributed to making London a world city. Due to the
influx of foreign investors as well as an increase in home grown skilled
workers, it is quite easy to identify the greater connectivity between businesses
from abroad and the diverse population in London. I have always felt inspired
and motivated to add to the success of making the world more connected and free
of problems