Stress experiences.Anxiety is sensitive state that regulates the stages

Stress is a pattern of negative physiological states
and psychological response which happens within circumstances where people
perceive threats to their well-being, enforcing whether athletes may be unable
to meet. Stress has two categories which have been introduced within sports
performance these categories are eustress and distress. Eustress is considered a good form of stress that
provides a sense of fulfilment within performance, however some athletes take
in worrying situations within their own hands as they like a test of
forcefulness towards themselves. This can enforce athletes to boost their
sporting ability within that particular stressful period and can also focus on
particular aspects within the sport. Eustress is beneficial as it also build
upon intrinsic motivation. Distress is considered as a bad form of stress as it
produces dangerous anxiety levels to occur like nervousness, apprehension and
worry, these particular traits can enforce a decrease within sports performance
causing athletes not to meet the needs due to excessive stress levels. Anxiety
– Anxiety is an undesirable sentiment where levels of concern and worry occur
within individual experiences.Anxiety
is sensitive state that regulates the stages of nervousness, apprehension and
concern upon individual within variety of ways, for example sports performers
such as Cristiano Ronaldo may vary anxiety towards major event such as the
Champions League causing a lot of pressure to occur upon them not only the team
but also particular sports individuals such as Cristiano Ronaldo. There
are two types of anxiety which are Trait Anxiety and State Anxiety     Trait
anxiety is an immovable and permanent form of anxiety, which significant
quantity of individuals suffer from because their nervous system is
continuously repetitive and also active. People who tend to have trait anxiety
are usually conceived to have anxiety disorder which constantly demonstrate
symbols of anxiousness and uneasiness through unthreatening situations. Trait
anxiety is adapted into ordinary individuals which means they are born with it.Trait
anxiety is an everlasting immovable thing, which is built up as human
characteristic many individuals seem to suffer from it. For example snooker
player ‘Rocky’ Ronnie O’Sullvian has suffered trait anxiety on numerous occasions
which causes him to extract himself from major competitions. The anxiety has
got to him so much he has also considered of retiring from the sport itself.
Ronnie O’Sullvian has never seemed to overcome his anxious abilities.State
Anxiety    State
anxiety is momentary form of anxiety, which occurs upon specific situations
causing the individuals to feel nervous and anxious while triggering their
nervous system. For example, a competitive 100m sprinter may vary elevation of
state anxiety before be releasing from their individual blocks whilst starting
the race, as the race kicks in they begin to settle and have a change in
mentality to win the race. State
anxiety is brief form of anxiety, which is built up as human characteristic many
people tend to condone state anxiety at particular times and situations, which
makes the person feel anxious and uncomfortable. For example a sporting
individual who may suffer state anxiety at times would be Usain Bolt as he’s
won so many 100m races, he may be anxious and uncomfortable that he may have
the mentality to lose his upcoming event running event making him feel unstable
when coming towards the event which leads to cognitive behaviour.   Stress
has variety of causes & symptoms which can be individualised, however these
causes can be influenced internally and also externally.  It’s a collective to having many athletes be
in similar situations when it comes towards facing different measures of
stress, stress responses tend change due to tour surroundings causing internal
& external fazes. Internal causes towards stress could be illnesses such as
infections, having sleepless nights, constantly worrying about something,
wanting to be a perfectionist at particular in sport and so on.  External causes towards stress could be your
surroundings you may find yourself in, life events such as death, everyday
hassles and also hearing undesirable social interactions being made by other
people about you. Furthermore when you discover yourself within a threatening
position your stress responses activate, however the way you answer alters upon
how you insight the threat which is responded in two categories the sympathetic
nervous system or parasympathetic nervous system. The sympathetic nervous
system is responsible for the ‘fight or flight’ response, which triggers you to
oppose the threat or run away from the fellow threat. The sympathetic nervous
system also introduces physiological responses like sweating, slowed digestion
and also increased heart rate.  Anxiety
is a dismissive emotional state that is disguised by association or even
feelings, these feelings can alter towards nervousness, apprehension or even
worry. There are two significant categories for anxiety these anxieties are
trait anxiety and also state anxiety. Trait anxiety is considered as a feature
of personality and also individuals behavioural patterning. Individuals with
elevated levels of trait anxiety are more likely to suffer worriedness through
various situations they may find themselves within, for example Cristiano
Ronaldo and also his fellow teammates may have had altercations within their
performances due to knowing its champions league final. State anxiety is a
short-term emotional response that occurs towards any situation that
individuals may find themselves within that may be contemplated
threatening.  For example Usain Bolt may
experience significant amounts of state anxiety as the entire arena is
expecting him to win which builds huge amounts of pressure and anxiety towards
him before he even performs the 100m sprint, however once performing the 100m
sprint his state anxiety can rectify or even decrease significantly.     Arousal
is known as the physiological state of alertness and expectation that arranges
the body to prepare for productivity. 
Arousal is not either an advantage or disadvantage as it enforces
physiological operations such as sweating & a increased heart rate to
occur.  Physiological activity is also
introduced such as having an enhanced attention span.  Arousal is usually reviewed within continuums with one side
being deep sleep and other being excessive enthusiasm.  Athletes who tend to be aroused are those who
are mentally and physically triggered to participate

The Drive Theory, industrialised by Clark Leonard
Hull, he implemented that there is a direct relationship among arousal and
performance. Therefore if a sports performer becomes more aroused, their
performance levels enhance and increase due to arousal. If not aroused the
sports performer performance will be tremendously low and rubbish.The Drive Theory is used to determine the levels of
arousal whilst physically performing this directs the authentic relationship
amongst arousal and performance.  For example if  Cristiano Ronaldo had pre-aroused himself before a
major game his performance levels will intensively increase and enhance due to
the arousal. However if he wasn’t capable of pre-arousing himself his sports
performance  will be tremendously low and
rubbish causing him to not excel for example missing golden opportunities.  

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I was playing within a
basketball game for my secondary school team which enforced me to be alert and
aware of all my surroundings causing my arousal levels to increase and also did
my performance status. 

The inverted U hypothesis, established by Robert M
Yerkes and John D Dodson, advises that altitudes of arousal increase,
performance will expand and rally only to an optimal point. Passing the peak
and socket of the optimal point will decrease the level of arousal diminishing
steadily.The inverted U hypothesis is used to conclude the
levels of arousal increase; once presentation been advised it will enlarge and
unite towards an optimal point. Fleeting the optimal point will diminish the
level of arousal progressively. For example Cristiano Ronaldo could be
excelling within a game by scoring a hat-trick in the first half  due to great raise of performance and arousal causing
them to bond and reach optimal level, however too much altitudes of arousal can
cause decrease within it causing him not to perform as well as he did before
first half.    I was playing within a
football game for my secondary school team and my optimal arousal was risen
towards the half-time period helping me score two goals, however after
half-time period my entire performance decreased significantly enforcing me to
get subbed off.   The
Catastrophe Theory, was by Lew Hardy and JA Fazey, works in comparable way just
like the inverted U hypothesis, however it tends to be more advanced and interactive
which effects arousal, cognitive anxiety, and performance. The Catastrophe
theory federates once the optimum level of performance has been grasped by the
sports performer, any additional levels of arousal combined with an upsurge in
cognitive anxiety will cause the sports performer to crash dramatically. The
Catastrophe Theory is used in similar way just like the inverted U hypothesis,
on the other hand it tends to be more advanced which significantly hurts
possessions of arousal.   For example Cristiano Ronaldo could be
excelling within a game by scoring in the first 15 minutes due to great raise
of performance and arousal causing combination to link and reach optimal level.
However extra levels of arousal combined with an expansion in cognitive anxiety
can cause Cristiano Ronaldo to crash immensely causing him to lose
concentration and doubts on his personal performance.  I
was playing within a football game for my Sunday league team and I was
surpassing my usually performance status within the first 35 minutes within the
game, however I started to panic throughout certain aspects within the game
causing my performance to crash immensely and significantly.  Strengths
& WeaknessesAn
advantage of the drive theory is this theory is very basic and simplistic, in
order to understand which is very beneficial as not many theories are basic and
simple.  Another advantage of the drive
theory is that this theory is scientifically proven therefore many examples are
given as well as shown within the drive theory. An
weakness of the drive theory is that this particular theory is outdated,
therefore this theory may not be in use or even be reliable anymore due to the
fact its out of date. Another weakness would be this theory doesn’t prove any
individual differences, as individuals act different towards situations and
also the environment they find themselves within.  Strengths
& Weaknesses An advantage of the inverted u hypothesis
theory is that they have different perspective towards other theories such as
the drive theory, as they believe that motivation and also behaviour play a
significant part with their theory unlike the drive theory. Another advantage
of the inverted u hypothesis is that this theory is scientifically proven
therefore many examples are given as well as shown within the theory. An
weakness of the inverted u hypothesis is that this particular theory is
outdated, therefore this theory may not be in use or even be reliable anymore. A
weakness that the inverted u hypothesis theory shows is that it tends to be a
reductionist due to the fact it doesn’t justify as well as explain certain
aspects within theory such as decreasing stage of the continuum.