Sir Toxicity Analysis of Barbecue Charcoal Ash and Human

Sir David Frederick
Attenborough, a veteran broadcaster
and naturalist,
once said: “Are we
happy to suppose that our grandchildren may never be able to see an elephant or
polar bear except in a picture book?”

Studying Environmental Sciences,
for me, is not just a case to widen up my educational horizons and augment my
love of nature; It’s an opportunity to make a difference, to change opinions of
common people regarding environment and climate change, to do my level best to ensure
Attenborough’s worrying vision never comes true, to alter the way we live and
for the betterment of our society. I am naturally intrigued by the complexity
and beauty of our world, and from a very early age, I have always wanted
to be out and about in nature and enjoyed all kind of outdoor activities. And my
adoration of the environment has been the most constant factor in my life. My
fondest memories to date are probably our family camping trips. From early on,
I loved to observe very closely the effects of human populations on our
environment, mountain slopes, glaciers and tides that I began perceiving the
true greatness of the Earth and its creatures, and perhaps more importantly,
how vital it is that we preserve it. It always deeply saddens my heart to see
trash along the roadway and I want to be part of sustainable development in
eco-friendly directions. Having chosen Environmental science for my Bachelors
and Masters course, I’ve gained a comprehensive understanding of the natural
world, absorbing with wonder every topic: from the glacier to the electron, the
earthquake to the pathogen and climate change. It has provided me with the
academic knowledge and skills necessary for pursuing higher level study in Environmental
Science. I completed primary data collection and analytical fieldwork on Air
Quality monitoring of PM2.5 and PM10 at heavy traffic sites
of Anarkali Bazaar Lahore in 2016 and currently working on Toxicity Analysis of
Barbecue Charcoal Ash and Human exposure assessment. It’s great fun and a
fantastic learning tool for team work, map-reading, self-sufficiency, confidentiality,
maturity, empathy, responsibility and the improvement of my communication
skills. I am an avid reader of a variety of literature, including reference
books on natural history, (National Geographic etc.) wildlife, poetry, prose
and essays and I am currently writing my own adventure novel, as well as
ongoing poetry. Studying Environmental Sciences at Central European University
will enable me to broaden my academic horizons, increase independence, and
shape the career I wish to pursue. I believe that we have the ability to save
the planet in spite of ourselves. I want to be involved in the science of environment,
preservation and climate change, where research tackles the challenges we face
head on; changing mind-sets, securing a safer future for all life on earth.

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