Research of total budget. In reinforced concrete structures steel

 Research Proposal



on concrete slab reinforced with steel and bamboo

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January, 2018


of Civil Engineering

of Engineering


1       Introduction. 1
2       Problem statement 1
3       Significance of the research. 1
4       Scope of the study. 2
5       Aims and objectives of the
research. 2
6       Proposed methodology. 2
7       Work plan. 2
8       Budget 2
9       References. 2





In recent times, researchers are trying to find
suitable replacement for conventional materials of building construction for
sustainable development. Need of construction activities increase day by day
with increase of population. Provide a structure with acceptable cost and
prevent environmental degradation by construction process are the responsibilities
of people who related in construction industry. Concrete and steel are most
commonly used materials in construction and it consumes high percentage cost of
total budget. In reinforced concrete structures steel acts as very important
role to recover the problem in concrete. Concrete is very strong in compression
and have high durability. But the problem is it is weak in tension. So steel is
used with concrete to recover the problem because steel is strong in tension.
That’s why steel has higher demand in the world and it causes to increase the
cost of steel.


Researchers found that timber like bamboo, palmayrah
are good replacement material for steel and many researches also carried out in
this subject. But they found many problems in using timber as reinforce
material and gave a solution to overcome some of these problems. Use timber as
a part of reinforcement with steel (hybrid reinforcement) in concrete is best
solution to get rid of the disadvantages in using timber. In this case bamboo
is selected as reinforce material with steel because it reaches its full growth
in few months and have higher tensile strength compare with other timber materials.


It is already reported that bamboo can use as
reinforcement material in concrete for light weight elements. It is because of
brittle nature of bamboo, low stiffness and low compressive bearing capacity. Water
absorption of bamboo is one of the major problems and it causes to swelling and
shrinkage of bamboo in concrete. Study on effect of water absorption of bamboo
in concrete and treatment methods were already investigated by researchers.
Some coating is used to prevent the water absorption of bamboo in concrete and
varnish is one of the best water repellent we can use. Bonding strength is
another important factor in concrete and bond between bamboo and concrete is
relatively low compare with that of steel and to improve the bond between
bamboo and concrete bamboo should be treated.     


Problem statement


Even there are many limitations found in use of bamboo or any timber as reinforcement
in concrete, swelling and shrinkage is one of the major problem and strain
variation of these materials also very different from that of concrete. Many
researches were carried out in using timber materials as reinforcement in
concrete and done experimental tests to analyze the mechanical properties of
timber. But still there is no any standard code or method to use timber in
reinforcing. So design engineers avoid using timber material in concrete
elements in their design. That’s why this method is not become popular and
demand for steel is increasing day by day.


So it needs to find some theoretical models and analyze its performance
when bamboo use as reinforcement with steel in a different percentage.


Significance of the research


Most of the researches focused on using timber materials in concrete to
fully replaced steel. Because of the disadvantages which already discussed in
introduction part, no one preferred to use this method and don’t want to take
risk. In this situation this study should give a solution to overcome these
problems and fortify the belief in usage of timber in concrete.  



Scope of the study


By analyze the slab concrete element which consist both steel and bamboo
reinforcement give an awareness of using natural materials with eco friendly
and sustainability to the society and people who involved in construction
industry .  



Aims and objectives of the research


The aim of this research is find a more appropriate proportion of steel
and bamboo using as reinforcement in concrete by analyze the concrete slab
element. Objective of this research consider as follows:

the performance of this hybrid reinforcement slab by physical model.

Obtain the
strain variation of this element.

element modeling of this element using Midas software to compare the
results and to predict some theoretical models.


Proposed methodology


First of all, through
a literature review find the objectives of this research and following
methodology was adopted.




Work plan













Use APA 6th Reference style for the
references/bibliography and in-text citations.










Rename your file as “CE4902A01_Index no”
and submit the pdf format files via Moodle and the submission portal will
appear on 10th January 2018 until 12th January 16:00 hrs.