Problem We need to understand what the customer wants

Problem to address: Declining Customer Satisfaction.What sort of data should you gather and analyze to accurately assess the problem or opportunity? Airline industry is a very competitive market. Its not just the price, but service quality also plays a very important role in influencing customer satisfaction. Big data and analytics based on it promise to change virtually every industry and business function over next decade and any organization that gets started early with big data can gain a significant competitive advantage (Davenport & Kim, 2013).I want to collect data about the customers and their pain points in real time and respond to them in real time in order to increase customer satisfaction and increase American Airlines’ revenues. This process includes not just collecting but also assessing and acting real fast (making business decisions to drive smarter & superior customer experience and build strong brand loyalties). We need to understand what the customer wants and what special sauce they are looking for, will help American airlines to provide unique experiences to their customers. The data I want to collect is % of flights on-time arrival, passengers denied boarding, passengers complaints, mishandled baggage, customer service records, surveys and negative tweets.Explain why this type of data is needed for this particular problem or opportunity.Customers today expect faster customer service, and they expect the technology to meet their demands for instant gratification (Reznik, 2016). Also customer satisfaction is very critical for business success. Thus, we need to understand the customers better and its very complex without collecting meaningful data and thoughtful analysis. Realizing what motivates to the customers is important to improve customer service. Analyzing the above mentioned data will help American Airlines to identify customer problems, initiate support action and improve customer service. This will also help American Airlines to identify potential opportunities for new services, identify high-value customers, proactively interact with them, make best decisions to acquire and retain customers.How will you obtain this data?Data can be collected from American Airlines internal data, surveys and the Department of Transportation’s Air Travel Consumer Report on the following measures: percentage of on-time arrival, passengers denied boarding, mishandled baggage and customer complaints.What is your hypothesis (prediction) of what the data will tell you?Compared to other businesses, running an airline is an operational challenge, because there are lots of pieces in the system that need to function flawlessly in order to deliver a delightful flight experience (Greg, 2016). I predict, the data will provide me the greatest pain points that American Airlines customers struggled with today, a better understating of individual passengers and identify patterns of his/her behavior. It will help American Airlines to make strategic decisions and differentiate themselves in the extremely competitive market.