Power, to your expectations and costs more money in

performance, and mobility are a few words that would describe the
Costco Canon T6i camera. If you are a serious content creator, you
owe it to yourself to invest into your craft. A high quality camera
will allow you to deliver better videos to your audience and get
better results.

make the common mistake of buying a cheap camera that won’t live up
to your expectations and costs more money in the long run. By
spending a bit more now, you’ll safe yourself trouble later. There
are endless DSLR cameras on the market right now but few are well
rounded like the T6i. In today’s review you’ll learn everything you
need to know about the it including specs, features and drawbacks.
T6i Specifications & Features
focusing system
The T6i
boasts the revolutionary CMOS III auto focus for when you’re shooting
on the go. This means you won’t have to be concerned bout your shots
being out of focus or blurring any more. It also allows you to me
more creative with you’re filming since you’re not stuck to one
This is
achieved through an impressive 19-point cross-type system that has
three modes; single point, zone, and automatic selection. Burst speed
at 5FPS is competitive for entry level cameras but a bit behind
similar DLSRs.
megapixel sensor
With an ISO
of 100-12,800, you can shoot in any lighting imaginable with the T6i.
Many times you might be blocked from filming in certain areas because
of poor lighting. This camera has an adjustable ISO range so you can
set it just right depending where you are. On top of that, the high
resolution sensor delivers crystal clear images. Thanks to the DIGIC
7 processor, you’ll be pleased to hear that you can do continuous
still shooting if you’re a photographer.

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Creativity is
half the fun of filming and the T6i comes packed with a variety of
filters to help you out. Everything from water painting to soft
focusing is available to get your shots a unique look. This gives you
more creative control over your filming if you want to achieve a
different vibe.
Not only is
this camera powerful but also very convenient with built in Wi-Fi.
How many times have you filmed and had to wait to get it onto a
device later? Well you won’t any longer because you can upload
directly to certain devices and web services. With the free Camera
Connect app you can also control your camera through your smartphone.

Touchscreen LCD
Say goodbye
to the old days of confusing buttons and menus. The ClearView II
monitor gives you an easy access menu, quick control settings, and
touch gestures. Its screen is also smudge resistant so you won’t be
getting fingerprints and marks all over it. With
upwards to
1.04 million dots, every little detail can be seen and improves the
process of reviewing images.
An advanced
scene analysis system can detect which lighting is most suitable for
what you’re shooting. It will adjust the brightness, contrast, colour
settings and more to reach the optimal settings. This gives you the
best possible shots no matter the environment you’re filming in.
You can
expect dark reds to get a nice boost while dark greens and blues are
slightly improved. Cyans and light greens are a tad muted giving the
T6i better than average saturation ability.

about the Costco Canon T6i

format does the camera film in? The
T6i captures full HD videos in MP4 format which saves you more
memory compared to other cameras of its calibre.
kind of lenses can it use? Any
compatible EF-S and EF lenses can be attached to the T6i for added
big is the actual camera? Weighing
in at 555g
and with dimensions of 132 x 101 x 78 mm, the T6i is lightweight and
small enough to carry around easily.
you shoot a time lapse on the T6i? You
can not directly shoot a time lapse but if you purchase a battery
grip it will both extend your battery life and allow you to shoot
time lapses.

and Cons of the Canon T6i
To make an
informed buying decision you should be aware of both the bad good so
we’ve compiled a list for you below.

HD recording up to an impressive 1920 x 1080 resolution.
in Wi-Fi connectivity and NFC compatible.
screen LCD which is very convenient.
point auto focusing system for moving shots.
port to attach external mics.
MP sensor results in superb image quality.
to 12,800 ISO to combat any lighting conditions.
construction so you won’t have to worry about damaging it while


life of 440 shots while many other DLSR cameras can achieve 800+.
This is mostly due to it delivering higher quality.
record in 60FPS for videos.
can’t use HDMI if Wi-Fi or NFC or enabled.
files have a shallow buffer depth.

it has a lot of resemblance to its predecessor the T5i, the T6i
boasts a noticeable amount of improvements and upgrades. For an entry
level DSLR camera for photographers and content creators, you should
definitely consider it.
24.2 megapixel sensor is a vast improvement over the 18 megapixel
sensor found in the T5i. Colours are much more realistic, images are
sharper, and the dynamic range is better. It lacks the CMOS
technology found in higher end Canon models but the CMOS AF III
system is still fast and on-point.
shooting in JPEG mode the buffer depth is fantastic. RAW files
unfortunately perform a bit lower at 6 FPS if you’re looking to catch
live action events. This is common for DSLR cameras of its calibre
though so it isn’t an issue it has specifically.

an all-around light build, touchscreen LCD and heap of power, you’ll
find using the T6i to be a very pleasant experience.