Patrick it has also given artists new and inspiring

Patrick RuoffMs.Ross History 8C27 November, 2017 The Greatness of New ThoughtThe earth moves and orbits around the sun? What! Over the past few decades people have used conceptual and methodical ways to approach the natural world, and new ideas, inventions, and creations, have formed. Galileo, using the invention by Hans Lippershey called the telescope, was able to confirm Copernicus’s idea that the planets go around the sun, and after being challenged by the arts he stated why it is good for all to know this great new knowledge. In his letter to the grand Duchess Christina of Tuscany, he said that “the increase of known truths stimulates the investigation, establishment, and growth of the arts; not their diminution or destruction.” Galileo was saying that not only has the revolution in science been good for science, but that it has also given artists new and inspiring ideas, and although he did not say it in this specific quote, Galileo was vocal about why this new knowledge good for the church too. Galileo died yesterday January 8th, 1642 ten years after he published his findings.Another big part of the Scientific revolution, has been the study of man, which has led to new treatments and advancements in the medical world. Andreas Vesalius wrote the series titled De humani corporis fabrica (On the fabric of the human body), and because of it we know much more about the build of humans. Not only did his words explain in detail what was happening in the human body, but he also illustrated his ideas to give us a better understanding. In His “muscle men drawing”  we are able to see the locations of muscles and bones without the skin on a human, and this and other incredible discoveries by him will provide for future advancements in the medical world. Along with science and medical advancements, new ideas have formed during this scientific revolution.  Thomas Hobbes has recently challenged the power system and hierarchy in the world in his recent excerpt The citizen, Part 1, of Liberty. He wrote “there is no reason why any man … should conceive himself made by nature above others.  … All men therefore among themselves are by nature equal.” Hobbes sees no difference between the richest king and the poorest peasant, when it comes to their natural rights. Galileo, Vesalius, and Hobbes, have been innovators of our time, and their findings and teaching have provided for new knowledge, and improved our world. I would like you to be the next innovator, and continue to develop this wonderful world.