My main duties are to provide care and support

My main duties are to provide care and support for individuals. I do this by assisting them with their personal care, choosing their meals, assisting and supporting them to take part in activities etc. I do this in a person centred way by following the individuals care plan which has been written with the individual being involved and will contain all their needs and wishes and any necessary risk assessments. I ensure good communication with the individual in order to build a relationship with them so that they feel comfortable and also trust me when I am assisting them with their care. This ensures they are happy to complain to me if they feel it is necessary and also confide in me if they have any issues. I also ensure I promote the individuals equality and diversity at all times by offering them choices such as what they wish to eat, what they wish to wear, what they wish to do etc. I make sure I treat everyone as an individual.It is also important that as part of my job role I work as part of a team and support my colleagues at all times. I can do this by ensuring good communication amongst my colleagues, reporting any issues or problems and always keeping clear and accurate records for others to read. It is also part of my role to ensure I am constantly developing my skills in order to improve my work. This means regularly attending training, supervision, appraisal and team meetings where I can learn new skills and update old ones.Confidentiality is very important in my role and I should ensure I never share any information about an individual without their permission or with their best interests in mind. It is important to respect the individual’s personal and private information and so any written paperwork should be stored safely and securely in the workplace at all times.Health and safety needs to be met at all times. I can do this by following my workplace policies and procedures and also any risk assessments which are in place. By doing this it also helps to safeguard the individual.I must always follow my workplace policies and procedures which will have been written in line with current legislations and regulations in relation to care.