Music to time spent between the 1600s and 1750s

Music history


Music plays a vital part in our
history. From the beginning of time music was used as a source of entertainment
or a way of worship. They’re many different varieties of music. In this article
we will be delving into some of three different music time periods; the baroque
period and the classical period and the romantic period.

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            The Baroque Period refers roughly to
time spent between the 1600s and 1750s this period came directly after the
renaissance. The trade mark of baroque music is that of drama and intensity
even the architecture was very ornate and had a lot of embellishments. During
this time things started to shift from religion to science and from sacred to
secular. During this time opera was invented, and the instrumental genre rose
in popularity and in complexity. Baroque music was fixated in projecting on
clear distinct emotion throughout a song. The general sound of classical music was
more of a light tone. This era aided in creating many musical genres such as cantata,
oratorio, solo concerto and sonata.

            Unlike the baroque era in which everything
was very complicated and intense the classical era was more simplified and
developed more clarity. In the baroque era polyphony which is multiple melodies
happening at the same time was very popular in that era, however during the
classical era we started to see more of a single melody which means one melody.
In the classical era composers started to get a lot more specific about the
dynamics in their music. During this era people would go to a theater to listen
to classical music which was not popular before. The piano was a popular
instrument during this era. The classical era also consisted of Sonatas. In
this period the sonata had three to four movements.

The romantic Era came directly
after the classical era leading directly into modern day music. During this
time the industrial revolution was in full effect generally served as an
inspiration for composers of the time and led to the creation of better keys
for woodwind and brass instruments. This allowed musicians to play at ease. The
rise of nationalism also played a huge role in music at this time many
composers displayed music that displayed the pride that they had for their
countries. This period also consisted of many important historical figures such
as Charles Darwin: who released On the Origin Species which is now one used as
the most basic principles of biology.

            In conclusion learning so much about
the history of music and how music evolved made me notice that music plays a
huge role in our society in general. I noticed that with each time period the kind
of music produced went along with the events that went on at the time. It’s
amazing to know although the history of the music a is from a very long time
ago those types of music are still very much alive today.  Music is something that will continue to inspire
us and will continue to grow along with human kind.