Mason’s is all black and the shotgun his grandfather

Mason’s 15th birthday
scene showed a variety of contrast between his nonchalant personality and who
he portrays to be in front of his family. When his dad gives him his gift in
the minivan, Mason’s face is more shown more in the shadows from the trees and
his dads face is partly shown more in the sunlight. Ironically, the bible he
receives from his grandmother is all black and the shotgun his grandfather
gives him is a lot easier to hold onto. This shows the more reserved side of
Mason verses the more outgoing side of his family and why it may seem a little
complicated to fit in.

            On of the sequences commonly shown
throughout the film by Mason, is that he never quite finishes anything that he
starts. He doesn’t seem to have much of a work ethic for anything he doesn’t
feel like is detrimental to do at the moment. In other words, if it’s not
convenient for him, it doesn’t matter. As Mason is in his high school darkroom,
his teacher comes in and

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him about truly utilizing his talent with photography, but he can tell that
Mason’s heart is not really in it. The connotation about this particular shot focused
mainly on the lighting and contextual meaning. Red is a pretty universal color
that usually represents passion or desire; which Mason doesn’t have much of.

So, my interpretation of that is when his teacher comes in to talk to him, he’s
basically telling Mason that he can’t really accomplish anything he doesn’t
have any aspiration for it.

            When Mason is packing to leave for
college, he and his mother are having a conversation about leaving. Olivia
begins to cry because she has exactly everything that she intended to have. “I
just thought there would be more.” Olivia says. As Mason is driving to college,
the camera tilts from his truck to the long stretch of freeway before him. This
indicates that he has a full life ahead of him. And even though he’s always had
the support of his family behind him, going off means that he’ll have to stand
on his own for once.