M2M actively seeking to expand their data service offerings.

is a Technology that allows physical devices with better sensors, wireless
networks and increased computing capability to connect, share information and
perform actions without the need for any human intervention. 1 The highest growth rate for the M2M connections market is
forecasted to be in the automotive and transportation end-user industry .M2M
Technology is also one the core drivers in the healthcare industry, it is seen that growth in remote patient monitoring using M2M will
save the world’s healthcare systems up to $36 billion by 2018. 7

communication is mainly attributed towards its benefits such as low power consumption, low cost, and fast connection time
for end-devices. 5 The global machine to machine market size based on
different types of technologies considering both wired and wireless and the
trends in industries is expected to reach $35.16 Billion by 2020.In terms of revenue
generation, North America is observed to hold the highest share 32.1%, followed
by Europe with 29.6%. 5 some of
the major players operating within the M2M services market are AT, EE
LIMITED, Deutsche Telekom AG, Sprint.com, Gemalto NV, AERIS COMMUNICATIONS,
INC., PTC, Oracle, Ericsson AB and Verizon Wireless. 3

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of the Key driving factors for M2M communication are as follows:

Mobile Network
Operators actively seeking to expand their data service offerings. 2

and adoption of IPv6 technology across the industry, has created the
possibility of billions of addressable IP devices making the industry more
addressable and intelligent 2

The Growth of smart
Home M2M market globally due to increase in the affordability of smart
electronics along with the falling internet prices. 4

popularity of smart appliances across different geographic locations. 4

M2M also helps in reducing the cost involved for human resources and makes
machines more intelligent and autonomous.