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Little Women and Far away are two great movies with many similarities and differences. Little women is more a romance and family type a movie while Far and away is an adventure romantic drama movie. These two movies both are about growing up and living in the real world. Little women and Far away have a lot of similarities. Both movies are about love, romance, and drama. In Far and away one of the characters named Joseph is a hard working man, but in the movie, the government burns down his house so he goes after the man in charge and ends up being locked in a room after he tried to kill the man in charge. That’s when he meets Shannon for the first time really.Shannon is the man on charges daughter.He met her while she was getting her stuff to run away and she told him there was land for free land where she was going and asked if he wanted to come be her kind be here server. In the morning he was supposed to be killed, but Shannon ran by and pretty much saved him and then they went on the adventure and then they fell in love later in the movie and got married. In little women, Meg meets John Brooke and after a while of talking they got married and had children. Then, Jo, another sister gets engaged. In the movie little women, all the girls marry away. The movies also do have an adventure. In little women, Jo a daughter goes away on her own to New york and that’s how she meets her husband. In far and away they run away together so it’s more of an adventure, but still in each movie characters go out of their current zone and travel. In each movie, a part of the family dies. In little women, Meg passes away and then in far and away, the father passes. The movies also don’t have things in common. In far and away when Shannon and Joseph runaway they have nothing so they have to start from scratch. In little women, all the girls do get married or engaged, but their husbands all have homes for them to live in. Their lives are pretty much set. The parents in the movies were all different. In far and away Joseph father was a hardworking man and took care of his kids, but passed away in the begging so, then it really was just Jhope and his brothers.Shannon’s parents were rich, snobby and all they cared about was their expensive house and Shannon marrying away to a rich man. In the movie little women, the girl’s father was at war and their mother took care of them. Their mother took care of all of them and didn’t care who they married as long they were happy. Therefore each parent was all different. Each movie was pretty much well liked, but they each got the different rates Little women were rated  83% and Far and Away got a rate of 82%. The critic said that ages 8-9 year could watch little women and it gives you a positive message. With the movie Far and Away they said ages 13-15-year-olds could watch the movie but that’s the youngest and their positive messages.    Overall Far and Away didn’t have positive messages, but did have a good story. Little women had positive messages, but didn’t have that good of a storyline. The movies did have things in common and something not in common, but is still good movies to watch.