It into energy. When an atom gains or loses

It wouldn’t allow the plant to convert the sunlight into energy. When an atom gains or loses 2 electrons.It lessens NaD+ and greatly increases NADH.Photosynthesis is the process that makes the glucose that is used in cellular respiration to make ATP.C3 produces a three carbon compound called 3 phosphoglyceric acid. It then makes energy which is used to combine ATP and NADPH into ordered sugar molecules. Ex. RiceC4 produces 4 carbon compounds. It occurs in the chloroplast, and once created the compound is pumped into a thick walled bundle sheath cell where the compound is split into carbon dioxide and a 3 carbon compound. Ex. crabgrassCAM is where organisms absorb sunlight energy during the day, then use the energy to fix carbon dioxide molecules during the night. The carbon dioxide from the night before goes into the calvin cycle which allows the plants to survive in harsh dry environments. Ex. Pineapples Negative feedback is a reaction that causes a decrease in function.Phosphofructokinase catalyzes phosphorylation by converting ATP into ADP which limits it.  It moves particles from a place of high concentration to a place of low.Oxygen is used to make ATP and a bi-product of CO2.It breaks down glucose into two molecules called pyruvate. Cellular respiration: 3 NADH, 1 FADH2. Glycolysis: 6 NADH, 2 FADH2, and 2 ATP.LEO =  Loss of Electrons is Oxidation GER Gain of Electrons is Reduction. You need to know what is happening during a chemical reaction and these are the two changes that can take place.Linear: a route of electron flow during the light reactions that involves photosystems 1 and 2 and produces ATP, NADPH and Oxygen. Cyclic: A route of electron flow during the light reactions of photosynthesis that involves only photosystem 1 and produces ATP. Photosystem 1 is older.      12.  Substrate level phosphorylation is when ADP is into ATP by the transferring of a phosphate group. The phosphate group is donated or transfered from a phosphorylated intermediate. Oxidative phosphorylation is where a chemiosmotic gradient is used to power phosphorylation.