IOP society and people were doing around me, where

IOP scriptStarting: (be confused with the veil, wear it, remove it) ok let me just wear it….Yes and this right here was confusion, the confusion of whether should I conform to what the society and people were doing around me, where the veil successfully oppressed my personality and my thoughts, or should I conform to the westernized and the modern world- with the new and developing technology.This confusion was also found in the other millions of girls and women who were made to conform to this veil. Throughout this whole novel, conformity is easily seen through the usage of splashes, and images.To share my experience, I am going to be talking about how conformity may impact one’s identity. Now speaking of conformity What is conformity?It is a type of social influence which involves a change in behaviour of belief in order to fit in a group. These changes are made due to societal and external pressure.The two main parts where conformity was prevalent and seen:First in the veil, where women were forced to conform to the veil,without giving them any choice.Second, how the heroes of my life, like uncle anoosh and my grandma made me conform to their ideas, and tried to bring the individuality factor in me. The VeilOver time, the wearing of the veil has either been embraced or met with reservation by women. For some women, its ritualistic and it plays an important role in their life while as for the other monolithic group of women it signifies the conforming into a faceless obscurity. And I use this veil to symbolize my transitions in Persepolis from the state of conformity to unveiling of the truth behind the Islamic regime and my rebellion that leads to my eventual freedom. It’s a big symbol of how women are oppressed in Iran and also shows allegory,symbolism and imagery.The representation of the veiled women has become an important issue for the postcolonial feminists who want to emphasize the importance of understanding localized meanings, rather than accepting the outside western viewpoint as the dominant truth. It also emphasizes the individual identities of women whose thoughts are hidden and oppressed beneath their veils.The first picture in the novel, itself shows me seated, with the dark, black veil surrounding my cartoonish face. Not looking pleased with the confused state of mind. This panel itself shows my conformity to the veil. I have deliberately cropped myself out from the class photo with just my left arm showing for two reasons: To stress on the idea that how everyone looks the same with the veil on- faceless and insignificant. I didn’t want to be a part of this regime and didn’t want to adopt to any of its principles. Women and girls were made to conform to the veil. Everyone (more exaggeration) everyone, was forced to wear the veil at the school. I still remember that 1980, 1980 was that dreaded year where we were forced to wear this black piece of cloth. We didn’t understand the significance of this cloth and really didn’t like to wear it – some of us complained that it was too hot, others used their veils to play or act political or fantastical games and the