In very important. It is vital to be able

In this self-reflection, I’m hoping that my
communication skills will become much better by keeping track on my business
communication skills throughout the semester. This reflection will help me to
determine my strength and weakness in communication that I need to work on and
if my skills got better or did not change at all by the end of the semester.


My current major is Health Administration. My
career objective is to obtain a long-term position in the healthcare industry
where I can utilize all the skills that I have learned as a hard-working,
adaptable, responsible and capable employee. With this kind of objective, I
will need verbal and nonverbal communication skills. This includes the ability
to write, listen, talk clearly and effectively present information.

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As I know of, my communication strengths are
being a good listener, open-mindedness, and good verbal communicator. In order
to have strong communication skills, I know that it’s important to be a good
listener in order to effectively respond appropriately. The areas of the
communication that I want to work on are to have more confidence when I talk to
people, eye contact, facial expression and tone of voice.


As a health administrator, communication
skills are very important. It is vital to be able to effectively communicate as
a health administrator constantly interact with the patients, physicians,
co-workers and etc. I believe that communication skills are an essential
quality that every healthcare professional should have. And being an excellent
communicator can help me to ensure a positive future by being a more effective