In Dickens presents Christmas as a positive time for

this extract, Dickens talks about Victorian England during the Christmas

presents Christmas as a positive and a joyful time for the working class. In
the first paragraph, Dickens talks about the Bob Cratchit’s family. Dickens
shows that the Cratchit’s family were poverty-stricken by saying: “They were
not a handsome family; they were not well dressed; their shoes were far from
being water proof; their clothes were scanty…” In this quote dickens
emphasises how poor the Cratchit family were by using a list. However, despite
how poor the Cratchit family were, they were still grateful with what they have.
Dickens says that they were “happy, grateful, pleased with one another and
contented with the time…”

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presents Christmas as a time of love. In this extract, Dickens talks about “the
brightness of the roaring fires…” and the “deep red curtains, ready to be
drawn to shut out cold and darkness.” This creates a positive atmosphere in the
house. The colour red is normally the colour of love. In addition, in the 18th
Century, using deep red curtains to decorate your home was a sign of wealth and
prosperity. The “cold and darkness” could represent negativity. Also Dickens
talks about the “preparations for a cosy dinner”. The word “cosy” emphasises
how comfortable and homelike this household is.

Dickens shows that Christmas also brings families together by listing family
who visited for Christmas: “…to meet their married sisters, brothers, cousins,
uncles, aunts…” When Dickens talks about “married sisters”, it shows that the
married couple are spending time at their parent’s house to celebrate Christmas.
Additionally, Dickens talks about “… Shadows on the windows-blind of guests
assembling…” Today, during the Christmas season, it is a tradition invites
guests to their house to celebrate Christmas together.

talks about a “lamplighter” who lights all the street lights. In the Victorian times,
electricity did not exist so gas was used for the street lights and the street
lighter job was to light the street lights and put them out in the morning. In
the first paragraph, dickens talks about the Cratchit family but in the rest of
the extract, he talks about the rest of the families in London. The effect of
this was to compare what the working class do at Christmas to what the middle
and upper class do at Christmas.

conclusion, Dickens presents Christmas as a positive time for the working
class, the middle class and the upper class.