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I have been working at Royal Micro Irrigation Systems for over a year now and my job was to visit the site, create a landscape view of it if the group doesn’t provide it. After getting the landscape view of the site needs to work on using the designing software AutoCAD 2D. During my work experience, I had designed atomized system for many groups like Lodha infrastructures, Reliance group etc. In the work of designing atomized drip irrigation for the multi-level car parking project at BKC (Bandra Kurla Complex) for reliance group, my job was to do the site survey mark the areas for civil crossings. After the marking is done the line for atomized drip irrigation is made using the AutoCAD software and the landscape view of the project provided by the company. After making the outline for irrigation system it is being shown to the group and then it is being finalized. The order is then given to the manufacturing company and after receiving the product it is supplied to the site where the work is to be done. After the installation of the irrigation system, my work is to test the irrigation system if it is working properly and also set the timer on it according to the requirement of the company. Other works I did were to prepare the box (bill of quality) of the materials used, prepare the warranty certificates and handover letter, list of the materials used. Also, sometimes I tried to convince the client to choose our company, clear their doubts if any, helping them to choose the proper irrigation system based on their requirement and the budget. This job helped me to know about design which happens before manufacturing and production of a certain job.In short-term career plan, I want to join existing automobile company(BMW) at a position which is suitable to my qualification. I would work in tandem with my team and manager. I will put my entire educational skills, internship and work experience in the job and would strive to reach a greater height in a very short span. I would like to become the manager and head the team to test my leadership qualities in real time. I would like to work in that company until the time I am fully equipped to run my own company. Once my short-term goal is achieved I will try to achieve my long-term goal that is to set up my own automobile company in my own country. I will try to make available automobile at a very affordable rate. I wish to generate employment in the country where unemployment is the issue faced by the government. I will also have the satisfaction of supporting quite a few families. During my undergraduate course, my firm grasp of basic sciences such as physics, mathematics, chemistry, and mechanics etc. facilitated me immensely to appreciate fundamentals of a variety of subjects covered in the curriculum. I gained knowledge in subjects like Fluid Mechanics, Heat and Mass Transfer, Production Techniques and Machine Design. I focused more on learning about Product Design, Manufacturing Engineering, and Design for Manufacturing, Operational Research, Power Plant Engineering, and Computer Aided Design. I learned AUTO-CAD and PRO-E software. My undergraduate study has laid a strong base which will certainly help me understand and analyze the concepts involved in Industrial Engineering curriculum. However, a major weakness of mine has been to try to attack a problem in depth which invariably requires some amount of time. As a result, I have not been able to perform very well in “three hours” exams. This weakness, unfortunately, has been reflected in my grades. Nevertheless, given sufficient time I have always been able to show good results, my performance in practical courses attests to my knowledge of operations and designing; but then, I have realized that my weakness takes the edge off me as a student, and I’m working extensively to come over it while retaining my inclination to go into the very detail of every problem encountered. I believe it will provide me a healthy mix of scholarly traits. Also, I attended free online courses of manufacturing and production on edx. During undergraduate studies, we had many Industrial Visit one such visit was at Tata Motors where I learned about different type of processes in manufacturing, how machines use to work, things to consider before doing any process. Another visit was at Maruti Suzuki Service center where I learned about what we should do after wear and tear of particular part of the car. Also, I had visited an Industry with my dad namely apcotex industry where I got to know the main principle of the Industry that is the 5S (Seiri, Seiton, Seiso, Seiketsu, Shitsuke) which is the key for a successful Industry. This Industrial Visits gave me a complete idea about the Industrial Engineering. In the final year, the major project we took into was Forced Convention Solar Dryer (FCSD). The main purpose of our project was to make it mobile and movable using low-cost materials and providing the same efficient outcome. Initially, the FCSD was made using materials which were expensive and the final product when manufactured was sold at a higher rate to farmers which was not affordable to many of them to be bought. So, we used cheaper material like wood which at the end made the product cheaper making it possible for the farmers to purchase but disadvantage we faced was, shorter lifespan compared to the expensive one (by almost 2 years). The main challenge we faced in the project was which alternative material to use without affecting the desired outcome so we made a list of different material like plastic, glass, wood etc and finally, we opted to go with wood. While doing the project I learned different skills like working in the group, communicating with different kind of people, sharing ideas, solving problems in a better way, using alternative materials to make the product cheaper and much efficient which I think is the soul of the Manufacturing and Production Engineering. Also, we used different software like Ansys, Pro-e, Catia and also learned to use different types of tools and instruments.Apart from academic, I was correspondingly interested and passionate about co-curricular activities. I had participated in Formula Student Japan(FSJ) and Formula Student India(FSI) representing our college Internationally and Nationally respectively. Our team was one of the eight teams from India to participate in FSJ. At FSI our team was runner-up at acceleration event and Computer Aided Engineering event. We also secured the fourth and fifth position at the Skidpad and Autocross event respectively. In this activity along with the group members, I designed the air intake system and also worked on various machines such as Lathe, CNC-Milling, laser-cutting, hobbing, etc for the manufacturing of various components. Thus, this helped me to gain practical knowledge. Also, I participated in managing and organizing college festivals. I also participated in HackAndroid and ETESA (Electronics and Telecommunication Engineering Student Association) which helped to gain knowledge of different fields. ETESA helped me in improving various Electronic systems of the engine of our supra car. I also participated in NGO activity helping them by collecting donations for the trust and providing medicines.