I in India, Purdue IE would be instrumental in


I would like to pursue a Master’s degree in Industrial Engineering with an impact area of operation research. My broad research interests are supply chain modeling, process optimization, and production system analysis. I spent my childhood in Rajkot, an industrial city in India. I developed an early interest in manufacturing processes through factory visits and living in that environment. This fascination led me to pursue Mechanical Engineering and thorough my hard work I go admitted to Indian Institute of Technology Kanpur. In aspiration to become Operational Excellence consultant, undergraduate studies proved to be stepping stone towards this desire and

Under Summer Undergraduate Research Grant for Excellence, I worked on thermo-fluidic modeling of small transient melt pool during the irradiation of powder layer in metal Additive Manufacturing (AM). I was motivated when my work was accepted in an International Conference. Additionally, work with 3D models with moving lasers was awarded Best Research Paper Award at another International Conference at Singapore. The experience helped me cultivate the skill of developing pragmatic models and simulations from scientific queries and hypotheses. During my internship at Unilever India, I developed an understanding of the supply chain management, optimization algorithms, and data-driven decision making. I worked on technology up-gradation for packaging lines for BRU Coffee. Proposed new packing technology, de-bottlenecked current packaging lines and optimized the logistics network. Apart from the technological scope, this experience aided me in honing my skills pertaining to leadership and teamwork. Further, I leveraged this learning during my B.Tech Project in optimizing 6-bar knee links design mechanism by minimization of error objective function between design and actual trajectory points of the ankle. My exposure to Linear Programming during internship and B.Tech Project excited me to learn the mathematics of various optimization techniques and machine learning. The courses on Probability & Statistics and Data Mining have supplemented my knowledge base of data modeling techniques.

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In my desire to bring operational excellence to industries in India, Purdue IE would be instrumental in providing opportunities nurturing quality thoughts through the 4 Fs of Foundation, Faculty, Facilities, and Fellows. Purdue’s IE has played a pioneering role in the history of the industrial engineering profession, ranging from fostering the computational methodology to intelligent manufacturing. Recently, the vision of “Rethink IE” highlights its role commitment as leaders and pioneers in developing new systems, Operation research capabilities and rethinking the future of IE.


My computational, stochastic, cognitive decision-making skills experience is a good testimony of my commitment to adding scientific value and bringing honor to the new vision of “Rethink IE”. Through my research aptitude, I am confident of being an asset to the research group that I join. Lastly, I am grateful for considering my candidature.