Dear we don’t need to clear cut the forests

Dear Residents, My name is Maddie Howell, and I recently moved to this region as a coffee farmer. It has come to my attention that narco- trafficking is a very big problem here in Latin America. I believe this must be stopped in order to save our local rainforests. First of all, by cutting down all of the trees in the rainforests we are affecting the habitats and the lives of our harmless animals. Deforestation is very cruel to these species, and they don’t deserve to lose their lives because people want to plant cocaine. In the Ted talk, Tasso Azevedo said, “In Brazil almost 70 percent of the evaporation that makes rain actually comes from the forest.” The deforestation by the narco-traffickers is really starting to rapidly affect our natural resources that we need in order to survive. It has been scientifically proven that we don’t need to clear cut the forests in order to get more jobs or a better economy. Scientists have already tested this theory, and they came to the conclusion that when the deforestation rate decreases, the economy still increases. In the article “Cocaine killing Forests in Colombia”, Emily Sohn states that “There are 60,000 families that grow coca in Colombia, and this is a family enterprise”. I understand in this society this is how most families earn their income, but I feel there are more efficient ways to help save our rainforests from narco-traffickers.   That’s why I’m here as a coffee farmer to inform you that I believe we can build a strong economy through coffee farming. Our coffee farming will be more beneficial than growing illegal drugs, and will also help eliminate some of the drug problems. This process to minimize the growth of illegal drugs will be a gradual project, but with the help of the community and government we will be able to accomplish our goal. President Jimmy MoralesPresident of the Republic of GuatemalaCasa PresidencialGuatemala City, GUATEMALA Dear President Jimmy Morales: I’ve become aware that hunger is one of the biggest problems in the country of Guatemala. Statistics show that approximately half of the children in your country are malnourished, underweight, anemic, and stunted in growth. The wealthy citizens are living in luxury in cities neighborhoods. On the other hand, the poor living in the countryside are barely noticed and easily ignored. Clean water, electricity, and education are basically nonexistent in poor areas of the country. Over half of the citizens are not living a high quality life, and they deserve much better. I’m a believer that the country needs to invest in raising standards of basic village conditions. If your government removed some of the restrictions on the forest so that more agricultural land was available to the villagers, and they were given proper training in growing food the people would be able to overcome many of these health problems. It would make the citizens more self-sufficient instead of being dependent on the government. The children are the future of your country, and they must have proper nutrition, good education, and be able to take care of themselves in order to build a strong economy. I’m convinced it is within the power of the government to make these changes, and you as a president and leader of this country have that power. As the face of this country you should want to see the country more developed instead of suffering with major health problems.