Dear all its inhabitants. Plastic garbage decomposes very slowly,

Dear Auckland

I would like to raise awareness in the
North Shore about the importance of recycling. Recycling is the act of
transforming useless waste products into new, more useful goods.
Recycling is extremely important in today’s world if we want our future
generations to be able to enjoy it. It is sustainable for the environment, as
we are creating new products from the old things which are of no use to us.
Recycling starts at home, if you are not throwing away any of your old products
and instead utilizing them for another purpose, then you are recycling too.

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Recycling is a simple idea: take an object that isn’t of use to you
anymore and make it into something new instead of throwing it in the rubbish.
It can be anything from recycling old newspaper into new paper, to making an
old Pepsi bottle into a decorative flower pot.

By recycling, you are supporting the
environment. Millions of animals and other organisms die each year due to
improper waste management. When rubbish gets washed out to the sea, the highly
toxic chemicals and substances involved in producing plastic bottles, bags,
cans, tubs, containers and more can start to dissolve into the water, further
damaging the biome and all its inhabitants. Plastic garbage decomposes very slowly, and it is often
mistaken for food by marine animals. High concentrations of plastic material, especially
plastic bags, have been found blocking the airways, stomachs, and intestines of
many marine species, including dolphins, turtles, puffins, seals, and whales. Plastic
six-pack rings for holding together drink cans are also highly perilous for
marine animals. This garbage can also wash up to the shore, where it pollutes
public beaches and other coastal habitats.

All these hugely devastating problems
can be cut down significantly with your help by recycling.

If everyone on
the face of this planet reduced, reused, and recycled, we could make Earth’s
resources last and awful lot longer. Recycling diminishes the need to landfill
and incinerate rubbish, saves materials, helps to make the environment more appealing,
and cuts down pollution. It also produces new job openings, as recycling things
in large amounts takes more machinery and more time. Recycling doesn’t just conserve
materials: it saves energy too. Manufacturing things takes a lot of energy
from power plants—and the operation of power plants around the world
generally make global warming worse. We can save a surprising amount of energy
by recycling. If you recycle a single can made of aluminium, you save approximately
95% of the energy you would need to make a new one. Over half the trash we throw away can be
recycled. I want you to picture in your mind, if everyone were recycling at least half of their garbage: together, we’d be making a tremendous
reduction in the amount of raw materials and energy we use—and, for a change, doing
a lot of good for the planet.

When you hear the word “recycling” you
should really be thinking about the big idea; reduce, reuse and recycle. We’ve all
been careless with the various ways we’ve treated the Earth and it is time to make
a difference.

Remember, no act of recycling goes

Kind regards,

Nils Bachmann