Communication and this is exactly what happened to me.

Communication is deeply intertwined with the human existence. It is an integral part of it. One cannot think of human life without communication. Can you imagine what would happen if you are not allowed to talk for a long time? You would feel suffocated. In our life, we need to communicate to deal with various concerns and problems of daily life. However, People perceive things in a different way because of ethnic background differences, attitudes, and beliefs, etc. so we must be aware of this difference. Therefore, Communication can take place in many forms such as talking, writing, and even non-verbally.But what will happen when the social media cause this lack of communication, and this is exactly what happened to me. One day I was talking to my best friend, who was visiting me, about a problem that happened to me at my volunteer work, while I was talking she was listening but at the same time she kept staring at her cell phone. Apparently, she was browsing her Facebook account and interacting with other people about her recent posts about her last trip. When I finished talking about my issue, I realized that she wasn’t concentrating at all, and she even asked me to repeat the story all over again, which annoyed me, but I decided to keep it for myself.One week later, the same incident happened again, but this time I decided to take the chance to reveal what I’m feeling and how I felt before. I requested her to stop playing with her smartphone, and not only listen to my words but also to share the eye contact and the body language. She also agreed to drop her phone aside during our visits.Although social media have positive effects on our ability to interact and communicate with a wide range of family, friends, co-workers and even strangers’ groups, and enabled us to be aware of the tiny little details of their daily lives, at the same time, it has developed different types of interpersonal relations. Nowadays people tend to email rather than face to face meeting, and they text messaging rather than talking on the phone. Even our linguistic ability was affected by using lots of abbreviations, shorthand and shortened versions of the words themselves to send a message much quicker. Furthermore, I realized that we are sinking further and further into the swamp of social media that is affecting the communication inside our small families, where at the dinner table, the mother could be checking her Facebook account, the father checking his emails and the children browsing Twitter or even online gaming.Consequently, to avoid turning into socially awkward individuals who can no longer hold a conversation in a normal social environment, I and my family have decided to make it beneficial by the proper use of social media website and in the proper proportions with normal face-to-face interactions. Moreover, we have decided to drop our phones when visiting other people and during our family gatherings.Reply Quote Mark as ReadThread:OFF 2378Post:OFF 2378Author: Hosna SiarPosted Date:January 26, 2018 2:53 PMStatus:PublishedDear Ms. SarahEveryday when we are going outside for shopping, restaurant, hospital or in our workplace, we face many people from different countries, cultures, languages, and religions.In a workplace there are lots of communication barriers and gaps, specially in Canada where lots of people are immigrants with a different cultural background. In everyday communication, we should not use non-verbal communication specially in a business environment which is a formal area and will bring us lots of negative impact. Also, the non-verbal communication will give a different picture from us. Some people do not know the meaning of it for example, OMG (oh my god) or LOL (laugh out loud) which is very common in texting but not in everyday life use. When you don’t express your idea perfectly or specifically in frame of words the person may not know what you mean, he or she may miss understand you. Therefore, it is always good to use full words in a formal way. By assessing realty, it is very important to be aware and have interpersonal skill training to deal with costumers, managers, or co-workers, to develop professionally to get promoted and achieve your goal.To deal with people effectively and professionally we need to find out individual cultural differences and value them to also avoid negative points on someone’s culture, religion diverse and, always respect differences. For example, in my home country when we meet our classmate after years this is very normal to start conversation with saying “hi, how are you? Where you are working? How much is your salary…… “? Or when someone falls everyone starts laughing instead of asking “are you okay?”.  In most countries, it may not be a good idea to ask personal questions to make the person feel uncomfortable or make fun of someone.It is very important to adapt to the environments to know people’s emotions, personality, mental ability, and emotional intelligence while working. For instance, when we see a costumer that is very shy, and he/she cannot talk properly, even though you are not the boss and working alone, we need to motivate them to say that I am here to help, and you are here to being helped. Also, many people have mental issues leading to knowing that you should interact with them to the way that they should feel comfortable and feel relaxed wherever they are. These soft-skills would help you to interact with a costumer more efficiently. For these reasons, it is very important to be mentally prepared for to handle the situations using costumer service techniques. In addition, when we face someone very sensitive we need to calmly address to them and then, we should find a way to solve the problem by being polite and using formal language. This will help us to increase our knowledge to build a successful team work.  As a result, to increase awareness in differences of communication styles using the above methods will help us succeed and have self confidence to cooperate with others, also shows how professional we are in our workplace.Sincerely Hosna Siar Reply Quote Mark as ReadSelect: All NoneMark