Asthma to Lung 7. 2. Cleanse your nose: Instead

Asthma is affecting any numbers of Americans every year. The
conventional treatment options such as steroid inhalers and bronchodilators are
quite effective in relieving the symptoms of asthma, however it can’t be
properly treated. There are many natural strategies that can be considered for
chronic asthma that can help you in treatment without the side effects.

Here is the list of some very powerful acupuncture points that
can be used to rub with your fingers for at least 50-60 seconds. It can be done
for at least 3 or 4 times and you need to take a gap of 10-15 seconds between

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1. Lung 9 – This acupuncture point lies on the wrist crease,
exactly below your thumb. When you finish rubbing lung 9 you just must move
your finger up 2 inches to reach up to Lung 7.

2. Cleanse your nose:

Instead of using a decongestant you can make use of a
saltwater solution. You just need to mix both 1/2 teaspoon of salt and baking
soda in 1 cup of water at room temperature. Then gently spurt the solution in
your nose towards the backward direction and not on the top of your head. If somehow
you swallow some water, it won’t hurt you. Through your nasal passages, the
water reaches the back of your throat. This way you can get relief from asthma and
eases of the breathing process.

3. Essential oils:

The essence of therapeutic grade essential oils like
Lavender, Eucalyptus, Roman Chamomile and Frankincense can be very well used to
ease off the breathing process. For fully taking the benefits of these
essential oils, you just need to take some olive oil approx. half a cup and
then put 3 or 4 drops of it into the olive oil and rub the mixture on your
chest a few times a day. Then put few teaspoons of oil in warm water and then sit
for 15 minutes. For better results you can also use the warm towel over the
oils to be put on your chest to help them go in deeper. Other essential strengthening
oils that are useful are the conifer oils such as Black Spruce and Grand Fir.

4. Use of Supplements:

You can make use of some of the supplements like Cod Liver oil
and Grape Seed Extract which help to strengthen your immune system and reduce

It is quite important to go through your entire house and look
out your entire household items that you want to use for cleaning, consider
your soaps and shampoos etc. that you are using. There may be some toxin
materials across your surroundings that may be contributing to your problem.

Be sure to make use of any of the Acupuncture tips for Asthma
and Allergies in Rochester, NY and join many families who have benefited
from this ancient and powerful therapy. We look forward to seeing you!