Apple of smart technology. Every new iPhone product was

Apple has been changing the world by
making huge investments in technology and marketing innovative products. Steve
Jobs came up with the name “Apple” and the logo in the late 1970s. At that
time, he told his co-founder, Steve Wozniak about his idea. It all started with
the Apple I personal computer which was incorporated as Apple Computer, Inc.
Apple has grown by selling superior products such as the iPod, iPhone, and Apple
TV. During his keynote speech in California at the Steve Jobs Theatre, He announced
that Apple Computer, Inc. would be known as Apple Inc. because the company
decided to market consumer electronics. Since then, he introduced the iPhone in
2007. The invention of the iPhone was the biggest change for users, allowing
easy navigation and providing better capabilities. That is because Apple
releases a new iPhone with new features every year, to compete with other tech companies
in the game of smart technology.

Every new iPhone product was a revolutionary
change for users. The iPhone does more of a job. Apple talked about innovation
and reliability; which means that people are familiar with your product and
pushing the brand to the real world. Steve Jobs once said, “Every once in a
while a revolutionary product comes along that changes everything. It’s very
fortunate if you can work on just one of these in your careers”
(EverySteveJobsVideo). The iPhone was a game changer. It introduced many new
innovations; things like iOS, touch screen, music player, and internet;
functions normally found on a computer, but now on a mini-computer in your pocket.
It provides individuals with technology for better hardware and software
integration. This includes a better processor with the new chips that iPhones
can run five times than the previous iPhones. Vogelstein says that, “processors
were finally fast and efficient enough to power a device that combined the
functionality of a phone,” (Vogelstein). iPhones have become addictive and will
continue to improve their functionality throughout the future.

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When Steve Jobs introduced the first
iPhone at the Macworld in 2007, it was the first real change in technology. Since
the first smartphone was called the Simon Personal Communicator created in 1992,
this started the industry by creating more smartphones. This led to the introduction
of Blackberry, Motorola, Palm, Nokia smartphones etc. The smartphones at the
time had an unusable interface, and the keyboards were plastic and clunky. In
the article, Ritchie says that, “They were technologies that would one day
become commonplace across the industry but back then looked like
science-fiction” (Ritchie). During Jobs’ keynote speech, he says, “they’re not
so smart, and they’re not so easy to use” (EverySteveJobsVideo). On the other
hand, the iPhone started with a revolutionary user interface. Getting rid of
the buttons and transforming the phone into a giant screen. The iPhone’s interface
controls consist of switches and buttons. 
Interaction with the iPhone includes gestures such as touch, swipe, tap,
and pinch; all maintain in the iOS operation system. Previously, smartphones
were difficult to use, but iPhones are friendly for users. According the
article, “The History of Smartphones” by Brad McCarty, he says that “Smartphones
had always been seen more along the lines of something that business people
used, and Apple did a rather magnificent job translating the idea over to
something that a consumer would desire.” Unlike other tech companies, Apple
tries to improve every new generation to attract new clients and provide support
for customers.