After AP, and I really want a challenge. IB

After a lot of researching I found my top ideal high school. I was looking for a high school that had great academics, sports, and extracurricular activities. I want to attend this high school because it offers hard classes. High school is very important and I really want to choose the correct one. I hope I can convince you that I can be accepted into your high school.        My first reason why you should accept me is because I’m very interested in your International Baccalaureate Program. IB has been proven to prepare you for university and I want to be very prepared for my future university. IB is a lot more rigorous than AP, and I really want a challenge. IB also helps in personal development. That is something I want in high school, to grow as a human and just enjoy the experience. My interest in IB should allow me to be accepted.         My second reason why I should be accepted is because I want to attend a high school that offers sports and extracurricular activities. In the us more than 7.6 million student participate in sports. Sports are very important. If you were to accept me into Rufus King I would most definitely join cheerleading, cross-country, soccer, and track. Sports should be offered everywhere because exercise is important. I should also be accepted because of my interest in the extracurricular activities. It amazes me how many activities are offered at your high school. If I were accepted I would join band (I play the saxophone), debate, Yearbook club, Latinos Unidos, and National Honor Society. I hope my interest in your activities persuades you into accepting me.        My third reason why I should accept me is because diversity to me is important. Rufus King is a very diverse school so I like that. Diversity is important because it helps us communicate more effectively. I’m  Mexican- American so I like to be around different cultures. I am against racism and things like that. Diversity is very important. It also gives us life experiences. Diversity is important and I hope you think so to.          There are some people that are against the IB program. The first con is the length of study. They say the studying is a lot more longer than AP classes. The second con is the heavy workload. Work is harder since it pre-university. Also if you decide to become full diploma you have to write an essay and community service. The third con is that there is less flexibility. They say with so many IB classes you won’t be able to do things you enjoy such as sports, extracurricular, etc.       All in all, I think Rufus King is my ideal High school. I want to take IB classes, sports and extracurricular, and school that has diversity. Your high school offers many things that I will enjoy. Hopefully this convinced you into accepting me into your high school and I look forward to joining you guys. Thank you.