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A company which specializes in logistics or product delivery service has to manage the job of receiving and sending several items from one place to another. For instance, at first we would like to utilize the manual labor for this task. But obviously we cannot deploy our workers for lifting those heavy boxes by hand and wasting their work potential and strength in such perspiring work. So, it is our moral responsibility to provide our employees with right kind of transportation items with which they can attain an easier working flow without any stress. We can provide them with a stair climbing dolly or a folding hand truck. These are the imperative and effective tools for carrying items and the best for any logistic company’s needs. But first it is necessary to know the difference between such tools so that we can know which kind of tool is right for our job. Let’s consider a few examples-
1) Dolly: Primarily, these dollies are the platform situated on wheels comprised with four wheels and two axles which means, one at each corner. Dollies have been used for a long time in several kinds of transportation requirements whether it is big or small. We all must have watched some old movie in which it featured some railroad using a dolly with two people pumping and a rocker for propelling themselves. These dollies are available in all sizes and shapes. Dollies are the worthwhile investment for the companies that transport heavy items. It can make the unmovable items moveable, all we need to do is lift our object onto dolly and it becomes mobile.
2) Hand Truck: A hand truck is also known as a trolley, a box cart, a two wheeler, a trolley truck, or a sack barrow. These trucks are highly beneficial for the companies where items’ transportation is essential. Even if the items we transport are relevantly small and can be lifted simply and transported handily, we will be able to load the multitudes of items on the hand trucks to carry them all at once, as long as our items are appropriate to be stacked without any damage. As our employees can simply move individual items or set of items at once, our company will be way faster at responsiveness and product delivery. This means we can boost the business productivity by utilizing the hand trucks. Except for these aforementioned tools, in the businesses associated with distribution, warehousing and general material handling we cannot fulfill our work needs without a stacker. It is a machine which integrates the features of a walk-behind pallet jack also known as a walkie with the features of some lift truck. Under it operators can typically stand or sit while driving a counterbalance and can also straddle or reach to lift truck. Stackers such as electric pallet stacker are thin and highly-versatile providing a lift complimenting almost all the indoor applications. So, if anyone is looking for a company that sells robust and durable stackers, dollies and hand trucks, then they should definitely consider the name Magliner. It is one of the leading manufacturers of route distribution solution all across the world. Magliner is a committed partner helping companies in simplifying their product transport related jobs. The team of the company remains highly attentive on its customers’ challenges and requirements so that it can offer the right solutions fitting and fulfilling the customers’ unique distribution demands and requirements.
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Magliner provides electric pallet stacker along with U-Boat platform trucks, CooLift delivery systems, LiftPlus stacker and many more tools for material handling services.For additional information, visitwww.magliner.com