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A penetration test is popularly recognized as a pen test. Actually penetration is a confirmed attack on a computer system or web application which is performed to figure out and classify their security. In this decade cyber attacks was on the mountain top. Recently cyber attacker’s screwed up more than 2,00,000 computer systems all over the world. It caused a big loss worldwide. In newspaper we usually read that someone’s account got hacked and huge money is credited. Put your thinking cap on and notice that only those accounts in which more cash debited were hacked this is because the hackers had the information about their cash transactions. Hence to protect our systems, data,transactions  or web applications from penetration, penetration testing is necessary. With the help of cyber security services or penetration services we can protect our data from getting hacked. These testing services are provided both by manually or by automated software. Its main purpose is to check the weakness in the infrastructure (hardware), application (software) and people in order to develop controls and security policies of our system and to protect it from the hackers who can misuse our useful and important data.web applications are the most breakable when we talk about security. It is only the web applications which comes under the risk all the time .The security of your web applications should be of paramount importance to business continuity and integrity.

In short, we can say that regular penetration testing services are required for every organization to protect itself from hackers. Penetration testing services are often required for the following purposes:

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·         To find security vulnerabilities in an application.

·         To know loopholes in the system.

·         To calculate the business impact of successful attacks.

·         To check the information security compliance in the organization.

·         To follow up effective security strategy in the organization etc.

For the above and other reasons penetration testing is necessary. if we are not attentive about our security other person would definitely take advantage of it.