75% it in World War I. 1. The return

75% of world transport is provided by sea. For this reason, maritime transport has an important place in the world economy. As a result of the fact that sea and maritime transport are so important, the ships are in an important position for trade. However, ships are important for commercial activities as well as in the defense industry. One of the greatest reasons why the great nations of the world are strong is to dominate the seas militarily and commercially.


When we look at the history of the world, military developments have always led to technological developments. Examples of this 1. And 2. We see it in World War I. 1. The return of the industrial revolution experienced during World War II was primarily experienced in the defense industry and met with the world’s unprecedented ships and submarines. Similar to this situation, the most important developments in the aviation sector 2. It happened in World War II.

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When we look at the world economy from a general perspective, the place, size and importance of the defense industry in the world economic conjuncture is remarkable. The development of the defense industry has gained importance and speed due to developments in World Politics after the Cold War, established partnerships and conflicts in international politics, especially in the USA and in the world due to the terrorist events all over the world.


The development of the defense industry has affected the development of military ships, especially since the crisis period, Turkish shipyards have focused on the production of military ships. For this reason, military ship projects now have an important position in the Turkish shipbuilding industry. However, many shipyards meet some problems during the construction phase of their projects. The main problem is delays in the project. For this reason, shipyards need effective project management and planning.


There are various project management organizations. The most common of these is the Project Management Institute (PMI). Unfortunately, the Shipyards in our country are far from the standards of the Project Management Institute (PMI) and even this methodological is unknown. In this thesis, using PMI methodology and other project management methods in defense industry, errors in time management were detected and recommendations were given on this subject.