In 1, an automatic presence system using fingerprint
verification technique was proposed. The fingerprint technique verification was
attained using withdrawal of abnormal point on the ridge of user’s fingerprint
or details technique. The proof confirms the authenticity of an authorized user
by performing one to one comparison of a captured fingerprint templates against
the stored templates in the database. The proposed automatic attendance system
signals either true or false based on logical result of previous one to one
verification of person’s authenticity 2. Authors in 3 also reviewed and
proposed biometric system using fingerprint identification for attendance
automation of employees in an organization. Consequently, authors in 4
proposed student wolf pack club tracking system to abridge and speed up the
process of student wolf pack club ticket distribution for athletic event. Our
proposition emphasizes a simple, reliable and cost effective model for faceface
classrooms’ attendance executive that uses existing student ID card chip as the
passive tag with additional short message services to parents as weekly precipitate.