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5 Top Burger Joint in Karachi: Ready For Some Hunger Emergency?When there is hunger emergency, the only food which hits our mind is Fast Food. There is a wide range of Fast Food available in Karachi, like Pizza, Burgers, Different kinds of fries and much more. Amongst these, the most common one is burger, 24/7 one franchise or the other is serving its customers in Karachi. Top 5 burger Franchises, which are the best in Karachi are as following:1.    Burger LabBurger Lab is at the top of the list, with its vast range of cheesy, sizzling and yummilicous burgers on the menu. They have specialties in both beef and chicken and the best think about this joint is they serve fresh, as they never compromise on the quality plus the quantity of the food they serve. They believe Happy Customer Itself Is a Positive Review, now this shows how amazing the service would be, all set to check this Lab?2.    Oh, My Grill!Such a cheesy name, with such amazing cheese full burgers in the franchise. It is on the top of the list and people reviews have shown how they are enjoying their mouthwatering, yummy burgers in Karachi town. Burger Aficionados is their specialty and in no time with this item on the list has won hearts of K-Town Foodies. Are you ready to fill your mouth and tummy with cheesy burgers, Order your burgers now just the way you like it?3.    Burger IncBurger inc is one of the oldest burger joints in Karachi, but I am sure you must be aware of the term old is gold. This franchise fits perfect on this phrase. Since 2012, Burger inc is managing to satisfy their clients and customers by serving them, amazing, melted cheesy burger with a combo of their choice and this satisfaction has made them achieve the top ranking in the list.Serve Good, make your customer happy and then you make Burger Inc. Awesome place for stomach filling combo meal.4.    The SauceThe Sauce is another new member of Karachi Burger joint family, but in a short span of time, this joint has achieved what one can only dream of. The reason behind such achievement is the juicy patty, stuffed cheese, and their unique ingredient blended sauce, now this is called one scrumptious meal.  The best thing about this place is you can go for dining in or if you can’t drive you can order your meal at home and enjoy it in your PJ’s.I am going to get my meal, pack your stuff and orders yours!5.    Gun Smokewhat should I say about this gem in Karachi, it doesn’t need an intro. They have a huge menu, filled with yummy ingredients and amazing deals. Usually, each restaurant has a single specialty dish, but here everything is good, from salads to soups, burgers to steaks. Such an amazing place with perfect ambiance and amazing cowboy interior. These top five burger joints have made me hungry, follow the guide and you will find a heavenly place to satisfy your hunger on earth.