When organizations delegate the implementation of training needs at local levels without
the specific direction from upper management, this can cause problems
for employees during eLearning implementation and threaten the overall success of eLearningprograms. All necessary training should be available to managers,
and there has to be training experts managers to whom we can contact for help
when required. Without commitment from managers, even formalized training
programs might not be productive.

Leary and Berge (2007) stated that managers’ lack commitment
for eLearning is usually a challenge reported by small organizations. There is
a wide array of issues involved with managers’ preferences, decision-making,
prioritizing, and awareness. Leary and Berge (2007) go on to state that if they
have a different learning characteristic or if they are accustomed to more traditional learning methods, theadoption
of eLearning receives more resistance (p. 1).

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