2016 Africa The World Bank approved 9.3 billion in






2016 Annual World Bank

A Summary for Economic

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Development Project



Upinder Sawhney

Wednesday 10th, 2018












world bank has made great progress in the past years to improve the quality of
life in many different regions. They have invested in agriculture, science,
human capital and renewable energy. The World bank specially focuses on human
capital through health care, education, jobs and social protection. The World
Bank wants to build a healthy lifestyle for people of all countries through
nutrition and health care coverage. According to the World Bank, countries are
branched into six different regions.



World Bank approved 9.3 billion in 109 projects in Africa for the year with
only $669 million in loans and rest in International Development Association
(IDA) Commitments. The bank committed to boosting the agriculture productivity
in Africa which accounts for over 65 percent of its employment. The bank set
aside $248 to improve the lives of 2 million pastoralists in the region. Like
many other countries Africa also lacks in access to electricity and the world
bank has provided over $700 million for the Gas Project in Ghana. The project
will fuel upto 1,000 megawatts of power generation. This project funded by the
bank will leverage $7.9 billion in private sector investments.


in rainfall and temperature are harder for people who do not have a stable home
or place to stay with necessary equipment to survive such weather. Adaption
techniques and disaster risk management are the top priority for the bank when
it comes to poor people.  The business
plan to tackle this situation was presented in Paris 2015 climate change
talks.  Along with climate change issues,
IDA approved turnaround resources for Guinea-Bissau and Madagascar which will
help fund the fragility of the region and support the transition to more sturdy
structures.  World Bank has provided over
$140 every year for the next decade to improve the education system in Africa.
This will bring jobs in the market and education youth that is looking for jobs
each year.


East Asia and Pacific

bank approved $5.2 billion in loans and $2.3 billion in IDA commitments for 41
projects in the region for that year. 
The bank focuses on five areas when it comes to issues in East Asia and
Pacific which includes inclusion and empowerment, jobs and private sector-led
growth, governance and institutions, infrastructure and urbanization, and
climate change and disaster risk management. The bank is looking to improve
health and combat malnutrition in the region. 34 countries account for 90
percent of the global stunting in this region. China and Indonesia account for
50 percent of the global burden of obesity. The bank is investing in PNPM
Generasi (National Program for Community Empowerment) in Indonesia which will
help improve the health of mothers and children. This project has been known to
decrease the incidence of underweight and severely underweight by 20-33
percent. Stunting with this project was also decreased by 21 percent.


of the 30 countries in the region are the most vulnerable to climate
change.  More than 1.6 billion people
have been affected by the climate change in these countries since the year
2000. This region also contributes to more than 66 percent of the carbon
dioxide of the world with more than 60 percent of coal consumption. The region
is critical of advancing global climate change agenda. The bank is working with
government and private sectors to provide solutions for greener and cleaner
energy for the region. With support from the Bank, Beijing installed 100 megawatts
of rooftop solar systems in 800 primary and middle schools. Rice cultivation
with climate-smart approach has helped over 30,000 farmers in Vietnam with the
help of the bank. The new offices in Malaysia, Republic of Korea and Singapore
are intended to generate and share development knowledge, lessons and solution
with countries in the region and across the globe.