Highlights from the Breakfast Roundtable event with Dr. Karen DeSalvo

Karen DeSalvo

“Facilitate, link and leverage” was the theme of the KidsWalk Coalition’s first Breakfast Roundtable, featuring City of New Orleans Health Commissioner Dr. Karen DeSalvo. Dr. DeSalvo described the City’s intent to better coordinate all of the different, yet sometimes dispersed, health resources, to bring accreditation to the City Health Department, and to establish “way-finding” strategies for encouraging physical activity. Dr. Desalvo discussed the City’s first way-finding effort, promoting employees and visitors to more frequently use City Hall’s staircase. The City will develop a case study presenting the pilot project’s challenges and successes, for use as a model throughout New Orleans. Following the presentation, attendees debated different strategies for encouraging physically activity, and in particular, how to better encourage children to walk to and from schools.

The event, held April 7th at Bourbon House, convened nearly thirty public health and transportation advocates and public officials. The Breakfast Roundtable series gave public health and transportation professionals, as well as community advocates, an opportunity to engage the commissioner on various issues centered around making New Orleans a healthier, more active city. The next Roundtable will be held over the summer, and we encourage your suggestions for future speakers.

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